Prices and Payment

Prices apply to catalog freestyles exactly as heard in samples on music pages, minus the fades. Download/burn instructions are included with digital link. First-class postage is included to U.S. addresses. International shipping is available at additional cost. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find PayPal buttons to purchase your freestyle or have me analyze video to determine gait tempos (see cost below). If I'm analyzing gait tempos, please provide a link to video by e-mail. Feel free to contact me with questions or to receive a customized PayPal invoice for services not covered in PayPal buttons.

All Styles First-Intermediare, Small Pony, Christmas: Music Only

$150 - 2 CDs
$125 - flash drive
$100 - digital link

Grand Prix: Music Only

$200 - 2 CDs
$175 - flash drive
$150 - digital link

Gait Tempo Video Analysis:

First-Intermediare - $20
Grand Prix - $30

Adjust Music Tempos:

First-Intermediare - $40
Grand Prix - $50

Re-edit Music:

$30 per gait segment - Gait segments can be lengthened or shortened to your specifications or you can mix and match segments from different freestyles. Ask for customized PayPal invoice.

Made-to-Order Choreography Plan:

First-Intermediare - $200
Grand Prix - $300
Revisions to design - $30 per hour, credit card required

Choreography can be designed to match catalog music you purchase. I'll send you a questionnaire to tell me exactly how your horse needs to be presented in the ring. Many movements will line up with phrasing, but not all. I'll record a narration of your choreography to use for practice and send hand-drawn diagrams. Choreography will be designed once only. See cost above for any changes to design. Ask for customized PayPal invoice.

See the custom page for information and prices if you prefer to have music edited to fit your choreography video.

You'll find prices and convenient PayPal buttons below. Music can be customized for a perfect fit with my tempo adjustment service. Gait segment lengths can be edited to suit your freestyle level or choreography. Mix and match segments from different freestyles to create your own unique music . Choreography can be designed to match.

PayPal Instructions:

You can use any debit or credit card at PayPal and do not need to open an account.

  • Click the drop down box and select your preferred option. If you choose to pay for freestyle with tempo adjustment, please make sure your tempos fit within the adjustable range given in the freestyle description.
  • Click "buy now."
  • Follow the PayPal prompts.
  • After you've completed the check-out process, contact us by e-mail with name of freestyle purchased.

“Beth, you are a star. Thanks so much for such wonderful service!”

- Elizabeth Naude

Stock Choreography Plan:

First-Intermediare - free of charge 

I'll e-mail several choreography plans at no additional cost. Plan does not fit any particular freestyle, but gives you ideas for patterns. Diagrams are hand drawn. You are responsible to know the current rules, plan legal movements and transitions, and fit the choreography within allowed timing.

“I love the music and have really appreciated your prompt reply emails and expertise”

- Madi Phuah

“Thank you so much for all the communication. You run a terrific business!”

-Beth Barritt